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Latin Literature in translation



Etruscans to Livius Andronicus and Old Latin lit

Preview of Aeneid: Introduction to Virgil, The Aeneid (John Cox)

Reading/lecture: Vergil’s Aeneid: A Homeric Dichotomy? (David Dysert)



Reading: An introduction to the poetry of Catullus (Poetry Foundation)

Reading: Plautus to Terence to Cicero (Sanderson Beck)


Remains of Old Latin (Warmington text)




  • Annals (Church and Brodribb, via MIT)
  • Histories (Church and Brodribb, via MIT)

Assignment for 20 March: Analyze the structure of the first three paragraphs of The Histories and be prepared to recite paragraph 2.

Video: Prof Rhiannon Ash (Fellow and Tutor in Classics, Merton College Oxford) on Tacitus’s historical method:


Lucretius: De Rerum Natura (Leonard trans)


Lucretius: Background (Santayana)

Lucretius: Background (Stanford)

Lucretius: Background (Minyard)

Virgil: Georgics

“Myth and Poetry in Lucretius” (Monica Gale; excerpt)

“War and Peace in Lucretius and the Georgics” (Monica Gale; full text)

Virgil on De Rerum Natura (M. Gale, excerpt)

Aeneid and “remytholigization” (Cambridge Classics)

A.N Wilson on Latin translations of Virgil (Telegraph

The Latin Epic


Reading: Hall: The Reception of Ancient Greek

Literature and Western Identity

Principal etext: The Argonautica of Apollonius Rhodius (Seaton)

Argonautica: synopsis and commentary

Principal etext: The Aeneid (Fitzgerald trans).

Background to the Aeneid:

By now, nothing in this video should be new to you:

TBA: Reading the Aeneid.

Read to Aeneid, Book 7.

Style and structure of the Aeneid, with useful links.

TBA: Aeneid 1-6

Notes: Prophecies in the Aeneid

TBA Aeneid 1-6

TBA: Aeneid 7-12

TBA: Aeneid summary

The Didache (etext)

Intro to Augustine

St Augustine: Confessions (Pusey trans).


Oberst: The Aeneid in the Confessions. (pdf)

Bennett: The Conversion of Vergil (pdf)


Assessment :

Mini-exams, 2,000 word Term paper and 2-hour written examination.

The Loeb Classical Timeline

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